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Ducks Game Day–TrainWreckadelphia

Philadelphia Flyers (3-12-2, last in league) at Anaheim Ducks (13-1-4, first in west)

Philly comes to town with a league-worst 1-7-0 road record to try their lot at the Ducks' 8-0-3 home record.

This Flyer team has fallen apart in dramatic fashion. Last year the Flyers got 101 points; this year they are on pace for 39.

How best to express the futility?
  • In 8 road games, they have been outscored 32-13, and their road power play is 2 of 50.
  • They have but 6 players who have scored more than one goal. Conversely, they have 6 players who sport a +/- of -10 or worse.
  • Overall, Philadelphia has two players with a "plus" rating, and one of them is Todd Fedoruk.
  • One crazy stat about Philly is that through 17 games, they are outshooting their opponents by 60 shots. Problem is, Philly shooters have a collective 6.3% shooting percentage, while their opponents are scoring at a 13.6% clip.
  • Philly has allowed 38 even-strength goals, which is remarkably bad considering they have scored only 35 goals in total. Anaheim, meanwhile, has scored 39 even-strength goals, which is remarkably good considering they have allowed only 37 goals in total.
But hey, maybe there’s hope for the once-proud Broadstreet Bullies. The Flyers are 1-0 so far vs. the western conference, and the Ducks have been pretty kind to the east this year, agreeing to go to OT in all three contests. As a result, eastern teams vs. the Ducks have taken 5 of a possible 6 points, while the Ducks themselves have taken 4 of a possible 6. Conspiracy?

Prediction: Ducks 5, Flyers 1. Pahlsson and Getzlaf each get a goal; Selanne gets a hat trick and knocks Derian Hatcher's teeth out.