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Ducks Gameday—Phoenix Coyotes

First in the west hosting last in the west in a game probably viewed by nobody.

Key stats: Anaheim is 10-0-3 in its last 13 tilts with the Desert Dogs, and haven't suffered a regulation loss to Phoenix since October 2003. The Coyotes are 30th in win percentage, 26th in offense, 30th in defense, 27th on the power play, and 29th on the penalty kill (Ducks: 2nd, 8th, 3rd, 7th, 7th).

Side story: The Ducks have been to OT in 6 of their 13 games thus far, while Phoenix has yet to see any OT.

So why do a game day post?

‘Cause I’m gonna be there, bitches. But not in any good seats or anything; upper bowl, baby. If I recall, I think I’ll be in section 410, row P. But really, if you see anybody in an old-school Vishnevski jersey in the arena, why not buy ‘em a beer?

The real reason I’m going, however, is that one of my pals is in some ice hockey league, and they get to play a game on Honda ice well after the NHL game is finished. I’ll probably wander to the lower bowl for that one, if you want to stick around and see what a regulation loss looks like in person.

Oh, by the way, I am adding One Fan’s Perspective to the sidebar, an actual Phoenix blogger. Also Casonblog I think is a transplanted ‘Canes fan who also likes to rant about his nearby ‘Yotes.

Prediction: Bryzgalov plays a beauty in a 3-1 win. Pahlsson nets a pair, and Perry roofs one.

Prediction 2: My buddy’s team wins 5-2.

Note: you should probably stay away from my predictions. I've also predicted Phoenix to make the western conference finals this year.