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Anze Kopitar to San Jose Sharks, Fear me

Kopitar good.

Brust poke check, sit down Shark man.

The Kings dismantled the Sharks in their own house 4-2 Thursday night, with rookie Anze Kopitar potting 2 goals and a sick deke along the boards that sent a Sharks defenseman sprawling to the ice. Dismantled and demoralized, the Sharks attempted a weak comeback scoring 2 goals in the third. Brust came up big in his first NHL start, and Sopel looked impressive logging 26+ minutes and earning an assist after missing 16 games with an injury.

More from the game is available here.

I got word the Ducks were in town Thursday, awaiting their turn against the Sharks on Saturday. After getting blown out a few weeks ago in Anaheim, this is a chance for Teal Redemption. Only question, will there be a Sleek sighting in the land of Google and $6 Bud Lights? And will he rock purple and orange for the game?