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Temporary Post: More garage wall for Grace

Per a special request, here's some more nonsense from the garage wall. Part I, Part II. Warning: these are going to get awfully obscure at times.

Totoro, Kiki, Sheeta, and a bit of Johnny Chan's crazy shirt.

This is from Miyazaki's music video he did for Chage & Aska ("On Your Mark"). The singers have been replaced by He-Man villains.

This is kind of sick, but as the title implies, "Old Boy" performed by Itchy & Scratchy.

A lot here. Some of the Transformers, the two guys are a Mr. Show sketch (Three Times One Minus One), Troy McClure on top of a Cerberus (from DMC3), a soldier from JSA, Madman Comics, and the wings of Yubird.

OK, my roommate did everything here but the Care Bear. I have no idea who those top three people are, but there's Saddam Hussein golfing with Destro, who has been impaled by He-Man's sword. The care bear (not quite finished) is fighting alongside Abe Lincoln, while an archer (a William Tell mixed with Robin Hood, perhaps) is fending off a zombie with an apple for a head.

Calcifer, eating some wood (Japanese voice, not Billy Crystal).

My roommate's Katarmari picture, complete with Arabian flying carpet scene.

These last two photos are for Vinny, to better tell the tale of one of my birthday parties that starred a six-foot burrito:

Wow. That brings back some foggy memories.