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Exclusive X-ray Photo of Pronger's Broken Foot


Why would I have exclusive X-ray photos anyway, seeing as the team doesn't even know that I exist? Still, the graphic begged to be made, ever since the team decided on a footprint for a logo.

But while I got you here, let's take a look at some Pronger numbers, as the Ducks try to learn a lesson that 29 other teams have already figured out: how to win without Chris Pronger.

Now, to be fair, Pronger got hurt two games after J.S. Giguere got hurt, and there is a very big split in how the team does with Giguere (24-5-5, 86.6% PK) and without him (4-4-1, 81.6% PK), and a lot of the team's current problems, I think, stem from the fact that both players are out. James Mirtle sent me an email a bit ago asking about the importance of J.S. Giguere that I fully intend on answering, but I'll save that for a future post.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at the ever-apparent importance of Chris Pronger:

EVEN STRENGTH: Pronger has played 695 even-strength minutes this year, and during that time, the Ducks have scored 44 goals and allowed 23. That is, the team scores 3.80 GF/hr and allows 1.98 GA/hr.

In the 1,199 even-strength minutes that Pronger has not been on the ice, the Ducks have scored 49 goals and allowed 45. Those numbers, then, are 2.45 GF/hr and 2.25 GA/hr.

POWER PLAY: Pronger has played 241 power-play minutes this year, where the Ducks scored 35 goals and allowed 0. That is a rate of 8.71 GF/hr.

In the 114 power-play minutes without Pronger, the Ducks have scored 14 goals and allowed 0. Again, a lesser scoring rate of 7.34 GF/hr. (This is still pretty effective, as I think Getzlaf is a fairly adequate fill-in on the point.)

PENALTY KILL: Pronger has played 161 shorthanded minutes; the Ducks have scored 1 goal and allowed 13. 0.37 GF/hr and 4.86 GA/hr. I don't have the precise numbers, but you should consider here also that Pronger does do most of our 2-man down killing, which makes it a bit tougher.

Without Pronger (211 shorthanded minutes), the Ducks have scored 2 goals and allowed 20. 0.57 GF/hr and 5.69 GA/hr.

OVERALL: With Pronger on the ice, the Ducks have scored 80 goals and allowed 36. Without Pronger on the ice, the Ducks have scored 45 goals and allowed 45. There's a lot of talk about how forwards and goaltenders drive results, but with Pronger, he's really a case where the Ducks are a better team in all situations.

In more ways than one, he really raises the stature of these Ducks.

OK, some random stuff to top it all off.
  • It took new Duck Ric Jackman less than 14 minutes of even-strength ice time to get a -4 in his debut last night against the Blue Jackets, which quickly put him as the worst +/- on the team.
  • Looking around the league, I’m wondering whether we will see any 50 goal scorers this year. Right now, using goal-per-game rates and games remaining, Martin St. Louis projects to 50.76, Alexander Ovechkin projects to 50.00, and Marian Hossa projects to 49.58. The next highest guys, Ryan Smyth (48.77) and Jarome Iginla (48.36), have had or are having injury issues. Really, it seems like thin odds we'll have a 50-goal scored this year; a few injuries or slumps and suddenly we’ll have nobody on pace.
  • At the bequest of my Detroit-loving buddy Damndaze, I will be going to Staples Center tonight to see the Kings-Wings matchup. All I'm really hoping for is that the Kings beat the snot out of Detroit, so maybe the Ducks can end their four-game slide tomorrow afternoon. Since Christmas, the Ducks have seen their league lead drop from 7 points to 1 point, their west lead drop from 9 points to 5 points, and their Pacific lead drop from 10 points to 8 points.
But, I still refuse to panic, as I do think a little Giguere is what this team needs, and reportedly it's not that far away. But yeah, get the fuck well, Pronger.