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Pre-Announcement: Huge (Last Annual?) BoC Contest Coming!

I haven’t really thought through all the details yet, but I’ve got something to get you all excited. But first, any thought to what you (the reader) might be doing on Wednesday, April 4th, this year? Any chance you might be in Orange County, CA (or could schedule it in)?
Well, let me take a step back. Wednesday, April 4th, also happens to be the last home game of the season for the Anaheim Ducks—‘fan appreciation’ night, with a team photo giveaway and other prizes awarded throughout the evening. It is the last matchup of the season against the San Jose Sharks—who knows how these teams will finish up but it is pretty good odds that this game could still have Pacific seeding implications.

And I’ve got four Row B seats.

My good blog-buddy PJ (whom I’ve never met, but I love his photowork) has arranged to come to Anaheim for this game and will be sitting in one of the seats. And I, humble mystery blogger that I am, will be in another. And the other two? Could it be you? You, Lieutenant Weinberg?!

These are not the official rules (wait for the official Contest post, which I’ll put together when I’ve got a better idea of how this should run), but just so you have an idea, here’s some of the rules I’m considering:

1. The contest itself looks to be a hockey-themed cartoon contest (in fact, I doubt I’ll put much more guidelines than that; I like to keep it open-ended) with two winners chosen. Cartoons do NOT need to be about the Ducks or Sharks (though bear in mind who your judges are), and fret not, non-artists! It will be judged more on concept than on execution. Photoshopping is allowed, but each entry must contain at least one portion that is (clearly) hand-drawn. Multiple entries are allowed.

2. Being able to be here on the actual date is NOT a prerequisite to enter the contest. I’ll probably have you indicate on any submission whether you can attend the actual event or not, but (this part is still fuzzy) I will also have a prize for the best non-attending entry.

3. Winners must be at least 21 years old and have a valid Blogger account and an email address. There is no requirement that you will need to root for either the Sharks or the Ducks, but it is required that you are looking forward to the hockey and the experience. You must have a tolerant attitude towards (my) drinking, and please, no creeps (you know who you are).

4. For the out-of-towners: The prize really is only the game ticket itself—getting to Anaheim will be on your own money. Logistical things (getting picked up at the airport or at a hotel) can be arranged, but are not guaranteed. In fact, the only guarantees are the ticket and my cell phone number, but I’ll do my best to minimize any unnecessary travel costs (within reason). Winners will be announced at least one month before the event, so you can plan travel ahead of time.

5. Perhaps most importantly, there is to be absolutely no resale of these tickets. If you would like to enter the contest yourself on behalf of another person to attend, you need to convince me of that at the time of entry! However, nothing will piss me off more to run this contest and then to find out I’m sitting next to some stranger who’s never even heard of Battle of California.

6. Please, no entries from Vote-For-Rory votebots.

Heh, I haven’t even run this idea by PJ yet, but regardless, I’m always excited to bring hockey fans to enjoy these seats, and once I got the idea for a BoC Contest, I had to do it. It’s either the best or worst idea this blog has ever had, but there’s only one real way to find out which it really is.

If you have any questions, ideas, or complaints, go ahead and leave them in the comments. Again, remember these are NOT yet the official rules, but I thought I’d give a heads-up so readers outside the immediate area (red circles below) might think about coming to SoCal is realistic or not, and all readers can start thinking about their cartoons.

Red circle readers, start planning now!

Good luck, and hope to meet some of you soon!