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BoC Gameday—bedtime for the Kings

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Anaheim Ducks (37-17-10, 3rd in west) at Los Angeles Kings (21-32-10, 15th in west)

[EDIT: A couple of interesting links this morning--for one, the NHL has announced that this Kings-Ducks matchup will begin next year in jolly ol' England, and secondly, check out Brian Burke's trade deadline "blog", including his prophetic post from Friday, Feb. 9:

Trying to trade is like playing musical chairs. You are always afraid you aren't going to have a chair at the end. You worry if you say 'no' to one deal, you may not get any.]

Prediction: Ducks 5, Kings 2. Selanne, McDonald, Pahlsson, Scotty, and what the hell, Brad May.