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Drinky post-Phoenix post

(Does that title read two ways or am I just seeing double?)

Earl Sleek: You know what the worst thing about Phoenix is?

Buddy Beez: What’s that?

Earl Sleek: They make so much hoopla about a "Decade in the Desert"

(Chandler Bing voice) Could that slogan BE any less appealing? Who's ever wanted to spend a frickin' decade in a frickin' desert?

Yeah, that's a pretty sweet thought!

(Seriously. The decade has been a bust in so many ways for the poor Desert Dogs. They sign big names and maybe they have bursts of short glory, but that decade looks pretty bleak considering they have won one playoff game since the turn of the millennium and have yet to get past a first-round defeat. The fact that they rub that futility in with a jersey patch, well, it reeks of pathos. Then again, I guess in today's NHL, there is some pride to be taken in not being relocated after ten shitty years.)

Buddy Beez: Hey, at least it’s not forty years.