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Waiting for a Kings Gameday Post

Dallas Stars (43-24-5, 7th in west) at Los Angeles Kings (25-34-14, 13th in west)

I’m not sure if RK is doing a post today or not, but in any event, a friend of mine from work and I will be going to Staples Center tonight to scout out the Stars (he’s a Canucks fan and so it is looking likely one of our teams will be matched up vs. Dallas first-round).

Stars are 1 point behind the Sharks and 7 points behind the Ducks with a game-in-hand on each, and have beaten the Kings all seven games this season.

This will be my 2nd visit to Staples Center this year, and the Kings beat Detroit my last time out, so maybe my mini-Kings-attendance-win-streak will kick in. The best part is—I don’t particularly care.

If anyone else is going, let me know in the comments, or just look for a guy around section 334 / Row 13 wearing a black Guinness shirt and cheering for Dallas blood.

Prediction: sadly, no blood.