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And Now For Something Really Important...

The draft lottery was this morning. The Chicago Blackhawks won, jumping from 5th place up to 1st. With their win, the Kings drop down to 4th. That's the life of a Kings fan, I guess: even when we lose, we still can't win.

It's not all bad, though. There are generally considered to be five good offensive talents in this year's draft: Pat Kane, Alexei Cherepanov (contingent on getting him to come to the U.S.), Jakub Voracek, Kyle Turris, and James VanRiemsdyk. At least with the 4th pick, the Kings are likely to get one of them. They could also continue stockpiling defensemen and select Karl Alzner. I wouldn't rule out a trade up (or down) to get a player that Lombardi really wants, either.

Also, today is the 25th anniversary of the Miracle on Manchester. Here's a recap of the game for all you youngsters out there. If you want to celebrate, come on over to my place; I'm celebrating with a shrine to Daryl Evans. Well, I'm really more just hanging out with the actual Daryl Evans. (Apparently, he didn't have anything better to do.)

And now, enjoy the playoffs. I hope all teams involved suffer terrible fates.