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Sleek to NHL: You are WEAK!

Sorry, one last out-the-door post, then I swear I am done 'til Monday:

Brad May did a very bad thing, sucker-punching Kim Johnsson in the dying minutes of G4 after the game was well-decided on the scoreboard. Johnsson, who has probably never been in an NHL fight, will be out for G5 and his status for the rest of the series is probably in question. You can read my feelings in the comments here, but rest assured, I am not going to try to defend or excuse Brad May's actions, and my personal opinion was that he should be suspended seven games (and wouldn't have minded ten).

But what does the weak-sauce NHL give him? 3 games. The absolutely weakest punishment possible, because that's the bare minimum number of games required to avoid a Boogaard-May scene this postseason.

Avoiding that scene is fine, but to only make it the bare minimum? That strongly suggests that the NHL would have liked to have given him less for the incident, and that's pretty bullshit.

Sleek out.