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Some playoff quick hits

Here's a few quick tidbits about the Stars game and a few other playoff related items:

  • My, wasn't that 2-0 game 2 win pretty convincing? There were certainly a few close calls with goals, but it's not like that didn't happen to the Stars on Wednesday.
  • JavaGeek made a good point about the Stars getting quantity over quality shots-wise, something I picked up on even in Game 2. That being said, it does need to be mentioned that 26-foot shots look a little bit more enticing when they come from the Stars' two high-scoring defensemen (Boucher and Zubov). Java still makes a good point, but there's no denying that the Stars are throwing more pucks at Luongo and most importantly are dominating puck possession.
  • One of the underlying subplots of this Stars-Canucks series is the inspired play of Markus Naslund. I think it's a great move to set him up with the Cycle twins. He's certainly been one of 'Couver's most dangerous threats.
  • Even with his noted playoff troubles, it's still shocking that Turco just got his first playoff shutout.
A few non-Stars related blurbs

  • I love getting to see some of the more interesting series such as Pitt-Ott, but for the love of God, can someone televise the Sharks-Predators series? Granted, the NHL might want to distance itself from an increasingly violent mess, but I don't.
  • At this rate, the Nashville Predators might become the most hated team in the NHL. And not just by NBC's advertisers.
  • Maybe I shouldn't admit this, but I'm rooting for the Ducks against the Wild. The reason is simple: despite stories on, the Wild are still about as interesting as the majestic growth of grass. That's one series that everyone outside of the Min area wants to go a swift 4 games.
Anyway, I'm off to celebrate my birthday. If you want to get me something, I am looking for an X-Box 360. Just sayin'.