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When do YOU want The Battle of California?

It all comes down to the big Game 7 between the two teams that can't score. So, will it be Anaheim/Vancouver and Detroit/San Jose or will we get the Battle of California in the second round?

Sharks and Ducks fans, which would you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments.
For me, I'd think it'd be only fitting if the Sharks and the Ducks met in the Conference Finals. Not just because of the building rivalry between the teams, but also because of the ways that the teams are kind of built in a weird yin/yang fitting sort of way. Plus, I really do believe that the Sharks and Ducks are the best teams in the West. And it'd be nice if Vancouver could soften the Duckies defense up a little bit before we take them on.

Come on Canucks, don't choke this one away!