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Adversity's a funny thing. It either brings out the best in you or it makes you shrivel up like, well, like the Sharks have whenever they get a lead. There's not much to say except that the Sharks have put themselves in this position simply by being unable to properly execute and stay intense for a full 60 minutes. They've become flustered and self-doubting and are forcing awful passes.

So, if they can win Game 6 at home and take Game 7 in Detroit, then you'll know that you've just witnessed a turning point for this team. Otherwise, they'll continue to do their best impersonation of the Ottawa Senators of years past (not this season, apparently).

Some words of encouragement for the boys in teal from the one and only Stan Bush. If you're a child of the 80's, you know you know the lyrics, so sing along. YOU GOT THE TOUCH...YOU GOT THE POWER...YEAH!

Hell, if it worked for the Autobots way back in 1985, it's gotta motivate the Sharks.