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Because it bears repeating

Stealing from the vault, here's the man-love poem I concocted back in November. See if you can spot the Mr. T reference hidden in line two:

S ome fans like scorers, some fans like squee,
A s for Earl? He’s a sucka for ol’ Sammy P.
M aster of Defense, Penalty Killer, and Pest,
U nrelenting, Hard-working, Sammy’s the best!
E very night he faces another top line,
L eading Duck forwards in average ice time.

P uck-pressuring forecheck gives Ducks a lift,
A gain and again, I say, "Jeez, whatta shift!"
H e’s killing this year, with Moen and R. Nieds,
L ike he did playing with the gold-winning Swedes.
S elke may have been a good checking forward,
S crew him, though! It should be the Pahlsson Award!
O h Sammy, if you’re reading, one thing I must say,
N ever ever leave Anaheim. This God I pray.

Apparently I was somewhat of a poet back then, but words fail me now. Great work, Sammy.

LATE NIGHT ADDENDUM: Here's how dominant the Pahlsson-Moen-Niedermayer unit has been this postseason. In the search for some 5-on-5 offense:
  • Gaborik has been separated from Demitra
  • Sedin has been separated from Sedin
  • Datsyuk has been separated from Zetterberg
  • Heatley has been separated from Alfredsson
Pahlsson is god.