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Ducks Gameday—Good omen: Lucky shirt to attend G2

Round Four, Game Two: (4) Ottawa Senators at (2) Anaheim Ducks
(ANA leads series 1-0, JavaGeek ‘odds’: ANA 66%)

Oof. It's really late and I haven't really written anything for this game. As it is the Cup Finals, though, I'm pretty sure there's enough being written about tonight's game, even about the Pahlsson line, if you can believe it.

At any rate, I'll be in attendance for G2 as well, my last game of the year. And wouldn't you know it, I even got the good Row B seats by the Ducks' penalty box (quite the prime spot to see Duck players lately). Stop by and say hi, or maybe just look for me on TV; I'll be wearing the lucky green shirt, as always.

As for the game itself, well, Ottawa's certainly likely to come out a better squad than they did in G1--the Senators hadn't lost a regulation game on the road in nearly three months. But I think the Ducks can be better also, particularly on special teams.

Ultimately, though, the key's the same as G1: find a way to win. The Ducks have an opportunity to get a real stranglehold on this series, and they'll have a Honda Center full of supporters rooting them on (provided everyone leaves work by 3 pm, of course).

Prediction: Ducks 4, Senators 1. Giguere plays a beauty. Goals by Marchant, Selanne, Pahlsson, and Beauchemin.

Go Ducks.