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Are the Kings trying to become BoC contenders?

Umm, I know Rudy's on vacation, but I figured I'd drop a quick post so people can comment on the Kings' offseason activity.

In the last few day, the Kings have re-inked d J. Modry (1 yr) and g J. Labarbara (2 yrs), and signed f L. Nagy (1 yr), f M. Handzus (4 yrs), f K. Calder (2 yrs), d T. Preissing (4 yrs), and d B. Stuart (1 yr).

I can't speak from any Kings perspective here (go see Inside the Kings or Purple Crushed Velvet for that), but all of a sudden the Kings look like they want to make this Battle of California a real three-team affair.

So commenters (Kings fans or not), where does this get them? Where do they fit among the Stars, Sharks, and Ducks? For GM Lombardi, what remains to be done?

Have fun commenting, and have a safe and happy 4th, everyone!