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Congratulations! It’s a Blog!

As a Ducks blogger, I’ve never really set huge goals for my role in Battle of California—generally, my main objectives were (a) to help legitimize the notion of a knowledgeable Duck fan, and (b) to help legitimize the notion of independent hockey blogs.

So it’s always exciting for me to see a new Ducks hockey blog emerge, especially one that is as well put-together as Anaheim, a new project by site-creator and Ducks fan Varius.

For now, Varius is keeping a nice watch on all Burke’s offseason moves, but based on what I’ve seen on Duck message boards, he’s going to be providing some really good commentary about the Ducks' roster and results over the coming months. Plus, his site’s already got a professional feel to it—it’s already available in over a dozen languages! (Meanwhile, I’m having trouble finding any good translation for the term "Schneidermayer".)

So go check it out, and Varius, welcome aboard and good luck!

p.s. I do plan on updating the sidebar links sometime later this summer. If you feel your site is being unfairly left out, send me a note and I’ll get on it!