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Great ideas in partying: the Marchant piñata head

It has been a lot of fun this summer to follow the journeys of the Stanley Cup through the Hockey Hall of Fame Journal. Well, fun for me at least.

But I was especially inspired by one picture in the cup's day with Todd Marchant; apparently the town of Williamsville, NY, made an honorary piñata to commemorate Marchant's playoff-bearded-head. I can only imagine that the piñata is meant to be broken open through vicious suspension-worthy high-sticking, right?

"C'mon, son. Cut daddy in the head and get yourself
a suspension! Stop being such a Lady Byng!"

Of course, I think this is an awesome party idea for any hockey hate enthusiast, so I leave it to you to think it through in the comments: which NHLer would you most like to put into piñata form, to blind-foldedly bash to your heart's content?

In other news:
  • There is another new Ducks blog to check out: Ducks Wire. David seems to have set quite the sprinter's pace, already with 39 posts this month, but I'm not one to frown on Ducks enthusiasm. At any rate, David and previously-featured Varius are both welcome additions to the Ducks blogosphere, and to this point in the offseason are doing a lot better job of updating Burke's offseason than I am.

  • As for me, I continue to remain a bit mum on this offseason until there's some sort of definitive answer out of the Niedermayer and Selanne retirement camps. The optimist in me says that if they haven't officially retired by now, then they are both totally coming back. The pessimist in me says they have already made up their minds to retire, but Burke won't let them announce it until all season ticket money is collected. To me, the more critical decision belongs to Scott, but for now my head spins will all the possibilities.

  • The NHL schedule has been released, and as will be discussed further on this site, begins with two September BoC games in England. Between intercontinental jet lag and Stanley Cup hangover, I think it's going to be hard for the Ducks to avoid coming out flat in London, unless of course the team gets bolstered by the last-second news that Scott Niedermayer is indeed going to play. C'mon, Scott, the twenty thousand European fans would enjoy that dramatic announcement, I'd think.

  • And lastly, BoC-founder James Mirtle doesn't think I link to him enough.