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Happy Birthday, Sleek

I will maintain to my deathbed that the Ducks' recent Stanley Cup victory can be attributed to several factors: skill, experience, effort, and of course luck. And while I cannot take any credit for the first three, unfortunately I take way too much credit for the fourth (and not just because of my lucky green shirt).

You see, I've always felt disproportionately lucky because of my lucky birthdate: 7/11/77. I'm no numerologist, but this date feels awfully special:
  • It rhymes.
  • The numbers all feel lucky.
  • And it's even multiplicatively sound.
So if you're inspired tonight, why not pour yourself a glass of your favorite cocktail, raise it to the heavens, and take a drink for the lucky S.O.B. named Earl Sleek, who hits the ripe old age of 30 today.
And as always, Go Ducks.