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The new Sharks logo (maybe)

Several message boards (and our pal Steve at Battle of New York) have posted what is supposedly the Sharks new logo. Drum roll, please...
IF (and that's a big if) this is the Sharks new logo, then it'll be as reported "updated, sleeker, more 3D".

My question to all of this is why? To me, it just looks like someone viewed the original Sharks logo through the lens of Batman: The Animated Series. That's not necessarily a BAD thing, but it all seems rather unnecessary.

I, for one, am not a fan of cartoony logos (Sleek, do you own the infamous Duck Breaking Through Ice jersey?). Original Senators crest? Cool. Creepy looking Senator dude staring at me? Not so cool. NY Islanders crest? Cool. Creepy fisherman guy? Very not cool. Nashville's main logo? Not great, but definitely not bad. Weird 3D alternate version? Looks like a fanboy had too much fun with a 3D modeling program.

Since the Sharks always bitch and moan about losing money (I'd like to see if they actually count suite sales in their records since companies have to buy them for EVERY event, check payable to Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment), forcing an entire fanbase to buy a new logo can do wonders for sales. Did this logo really need revamping or was this just a nice opportunity to cash in on the new Reebok jersey changeover? You make the call!

One thing's for sure...if and when I get one, I will avoid putting any names on there to prevent any further jersey curses.