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Kings Battle Scientologists!

The Kings have a little charity game this Sunday where Kings Alumni will face off against the Narconon Miracles. As first reported by, the Narconon Miracles are the hockey team of Narconon International. What is Narconon International? It is a drug rehabilitation program based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, shitty science fiction author and Scientology founder. The founder of the program is one William Benitez, a former Arizona convict who, with the help of L. Ron Hubbard's writings, was able to kick a heroin habit without the use of any drugs. I encourage you to go to the site; it has kind of a creepy feeling, like the company in The Island.

It appears that the alumni are not affiliated with the actual team, but still, this seems like a bad idea. Seeing as how Philip Anschutz is heavily involved with right-wing Christian groups, I would imagine he won't be too pleased with this development. If Jim Fox blames a Frolov scoring slump on the presence of thetans this season, we'll know where it started.