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Sometime in the indeterminate future

I caught Chris Pronger on the Carson Daly show a couple of weeks ago (quite literally the third televised hockey-related program in SoCal this summer), and between Daly taking shots of Patrón silver tequila out of the cup, Prongs revealed this tidbit: barring any future lockouts, the Ducks' names will remain etched on the cup for the next 63 years.

So don't worry, Kings fans. There's still odds that your first cup could be completely Prongerless, if you wait long enough.


Off-topic: I’d like to extend a BoC Happy Birthday to my kid brother in New York, who’s still aspiring to be a musician. His band Mercer is still selling their first album, Hourglass, accessible through their MySpace page or through their official site, and I definitely think it's worth a listen. If you like it, buy a copy for someone you like. If you hate it, buy a copy for someone you detest.

Regardless, why not join me in raising a glass of your favorite beverage tonight in honor of Brother Sleek? Happy birthday, brother. Thanks for an excuse to get drunk tonight.