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Today: Los Angeles Kings at Anaheim Ducks, 7 pm
Saturday, Anaheim Ducks at Los Angeles Kings, 7:30 pm

Well, it’s a preseason half-lineup game that I won’t see or hear, but it’s still an NHL game that I can write about, dammit! I probably won’t be doing many gameday posts this preseason, but seeing as it’s the start of a new BoC chapter, I gotta chip something in (feel free to do the same Rudy). After all, while summer SoCal coverage makes everyone hockey-starved, it has only been 100 days since my last gameday post—for Kings fans, they've had an extra 60 days off.

If you’re not a fan of watching the Ducks, it’s been a tough year for you. They were one of the only two teams playing meaningful hockey in June. They’ll be one of the only two teams playing meaningful hockey in September. And now, they’ll be playing two meaningless games this week before anyone else gets their preseason started.

Mirtle will tell us that preseason results can be a good predictor of regular season success, and while that’s generally true, let’s not forget what happened last year when these same teams matched up for the Ducks’ first preseason game—the Kings blew the Ducks out of their new logo with a 7-1 smashing. That didn’t turn out very predictive, though—L.A. rode that win to a 14th place finish, and Anaheim rebounded for a Stanley Cup.

Prediction: Who the hell cares? It’s preseason, baby. Just enjoy some no-pressure hockey and hope that nobody gets suspended very long.

This Duck fan is stocked up for the new season--are you?

Go Ducks.