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Kings Gameday: Wait, They Played Already?

G’Day, Mates! The Kings are over in sunny Austria, playing a few games and then maybe putting a shrimp on the barbie or chillin’ with some kangaroos or something. They just wrapped up their first game, winning 7-6 against Red Bull Salzburg. That’s a little closer than I’d like, but maybe they had a little trouble sleeping last night with all the koalas running around.


Labarbera started the game but got pulled five minutes in after letting in 3 goals (to be fair, 2 were on the power play). Aubin came in and played the rest of the way. Letting in 6 goals is not a good sign for our goaltending, but I’m not going to worry about it until the season starts. With their win, the Kings will play sometime tomorrow against some other team I've never heard of (loser gets the boot). Bernier will probably start that game and be awesome and get all our hopes up before dashing them by never amounting to anything. (I’m trying to keep my hopes low.) I thought the championship game was decided by playing Knifey Spoonies, but I was wrong.

On the offensive side, Kopitar had a hat trick and is my hero. Someone give that guy a bloomin’ onion!

(What's that? Oh, AUSTRIA… I’m an idiot.)