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Season (P)Review: Ladislav Nagy

Ladislav Nagy is like a moustache.

You know how every once in a while a friend of yours will decide to grow a moustache? You think it's a terrible idea but you can't really say anything because you know that you'll eventually try to grow one too. Then it'll start to get all straggly but your buddy will think that if he just lets it grow out a little it'll be better, but it doesn't and then he finally just has to shave it off? That’s Ladislav Nagy. Other NHL moustaches include Dean McAmmond, Brian Smolinski, and Mike Comrie, to name a few.

I swear, if I let it grow a little bit...

So far Nagy has been with the Blues, the Coyotes and the Stars (briefly). As far as I can tell, they ultimately decided that he didn’t look good on them and shaved him off. Now it’s the King’s turn. Nagy’s only signed on for this season (albeit a little overpaid at $3.75 mil) and hopefully he will be a positive at the end of the season. What I’m afraid of is that he’ll show just enough to warrant another contract when I don’t really see him ever reaching his potential.

I get the feeling Nagy will end up with 50 points; either he’ll play 80 games and be relatively lackluster, or he’ll play great for 50 games and then get hurt. That’s the problem with guys like him (and also the problem with moustaches): they never look quite as good in reality as they do on paper.

(Next Up: Raitis Ivanans.)