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Sharks release new home and road jerseys

Here are a couple of videos from the press conference in San Jose unveiling the new San Jose Sharks home and road RBK Edge jerseys. Mike Grier, Joe Thornton and GM Doug Wilson talk about the new design, and take a few shots at their teammates as well.

The new RBK jersey is a little more streamlined, cuts down on weight and water absporption, and has a lot of new technology to increase ventilation, but how is it going to look on your average NHL fan? Sleek may have the metabolism of a thoroughbred racing armadillo, but the rest of us drink beer and eat polish sausage simultaneously while sitting on a couch or a bar stool yelling at Kerry Fraser.

There was a small amount of vocal opposition to the new Sharks logo, and there will be the same amount for the new jersey design, but both will grow on fans quickly enough that they can get back to hating on Anaheim and Los Angeles forthwith. I looked through the press release from RBK and could not find any information on how smog would affect the gains of the new RBK Edge uniform system. Sleek or RK can post a followup on that.

War Brad Stuart.