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Ducks Gameday—I used to not care about Sidney Crosby

Now I hate the guy.
Tuesday night's Ducks game at St. Louis will begin at 5:30 p.m. (PST). However, because of the exclusive rights window owned by Versus on Tuesday evening, the game will be joined in progress on KDOC at 6 p.m.

No other regional broadcasts can be in progress opposite the Versus telecast of Pittsburgh vs. New York Rangers.
Listen, normally I don't give a fuck how much Crosby or Ovechkin the league wants to sell me. I don't care how much Versus tells me how much I gotta love Brodeur, Miller, and Lundqvist.

But I'm not going to bite. I'm a western conference fan, dammit—tell me exactly why it matters to me what goes on in the east? There's 15 teams out east-side that are being measured on their own separate standings-board that we rarely interact with; they are for the most part inconsequential to me (until, say, the Cup Finals or something).

Of course I'll watch eastern games when there's no games in the west, but mostly with disinterest; I'm rarely pulling for any particular outcome. Blame the schedule, or blame me the stupid shortsighted fan, but don't forcefeed me, dammit. If I want to watch Crosby and Jagr, I'll find the damn channel. Preventing me from watching the game I want to watch is flat-out stupid.

Sure there's probably contract language that's gotta be worked out, but for sure somebody dropped the ball here. Hell, the Ducks even threw their first watch party of the year for a game they couldn't air the first twelve minutes of. And for that, I say, "Sorry, Sid, but get the fuck out of my face."

p.s. Doubly irritating is the fact that I spent the entire 30-minute "Sid-out" watching the Leafs play the Thrashers. For sure they would not pull this shit off in Canada, but yeah, go ahead and piss off the Cali fans.