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I Write For This Blog

Oh really, you play for L.A.? What clued you in on that one? The big "Los Angeles" written on the bottom of your jersey? I'm guessing they were just trying to find a slogan that Dustin Brown could say.

"Alright, Dustin, just look in the camera and say what city you play in."

"Uhh… Brown?"

"No, that’s your last name. Come on, Dustin, you can do it. Look at your jersey."

"Ummm…fuck, this is hard… I play for…L.A.?"

"Great job, Dustin! Here’s a stuffed animal."

"Fuckin’ sweet! Look at ‘im, bein’ all stuffed. WEEEE!!!"

It’s the same kind of stupid shit that idiot color commentators (why isn’t it commentor?) say about Brett Farve… Faver… Tom Brady: "You know, that guy is a FOOTBALL PLAYER." Yeah, he is. He’s got pads on and everything. That’s what you got for analysis? Watch, I can do it too: you’re an idiot.

Look, we all know that none of the guys on the Kings really give a fuck about Los Angeles. They’re all from Canada or Slovenia or the Moon or some shit. They play because they like to play hockey and they get paid a shit ton of money to do it. That’s cool, I don’t really give a fuck about any of them. (Well, except for Lubo.) I cheer for L.A., I don’t cheer for them. This isn’t The Replacements or Rudy, it’s real life. I’d appreciate it if people don’t try to pretend it’s otherwise.