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Kings Gameday: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Hello, Gorgeous.

Los Angeles Kings (1-1-0, T-3rd in West) vs. St. Louis Blues (0-1-0, T-Last in Central)

7:30 PM, FSN West

The Kings get a fresh start to the season tonight, going up against the Blues. After watching the Ducks flounder around this week, I’m glad the Kings got a week-long break before kicking their season off again. I’ll be at the game, which is awesome. I actually don’t go to very many games; I figure I’m giving this team enough emotionally that I don’t need to support them financially. Someone got me tickets for tonight’s game, though, so I’ll be there to watch everything unfold. I’ll have a little write-up tomorrow, so look forward to that. Do it!

Prediction: 5-2, Kings. Kings will be up 4-2 (thanks to Brown, Nagy, Cammy and Blake) with 7 minutes to go and then Andy Murray will pull the goalie on the power play. O’Sullivan will get the empty netter. Also, Frolov will play better. Can’t play worse, right? Oh, and I'll fall in love with Bernier and we'll run away together, probably to open up a bagelry.

(Oh yeah, the Blues… in The Hockey News, they had burning questions for every team. For the Blues, it asked, "Do the Blues have the best defense in the NHL?" Umm, no. There, question doused.)