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Newsflash: Sports Blog Index likes BoC's blend of idiocy, non-idiocy

As first reported by Mr. Mirtle, some website we've never heard of has been dutifully studying hockey blogs in order to provide a top ten ranking, and stunningly, BoC placed fourth:
Sports Blog Index Top 10 Hockey Blogs:
1. Off Wing Opinion
2. James Mirtle
3. Pensblog
4. Battle of California
5. Barry Melrose Rocks
7. Waiting For Stanley
8. Battle of Alberta
9. Japer's Rink
10. Behind the Jersey
Now I know blog listings are as fickle as a Conn Smythe winner in training camp, but according to Sports Media Challenge, the criteria used for this list were Influence (I assume this means "blogging under the influence"), Community (they must like how BoC writers never communicate with each other), and Relevance (oh yeah, by the way, the Ducks now lead all NHL franchises in shootout losses since the lockout).

I really should stress: there's a lot of better hockey blogs not on this list--we have probably benefited from a bias towards half-assed cartoons and Stanley Cup champs, but wow. We are big shits now.

...just in case you needed to see what I meant by "big shit"

Anyways, a serious congratulations to the other blogs on this list, and a bunch of thanks to PJ, Mike, and Rudy for their awesome contributions (and James for not posting anything harmfully irrelevant). Also we'd like to thank the state of California for being such a wasteland for hockey coverage; we couldn't have done it without you.