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Two statistics that are depressing me

In 12 games thus far, the Ducks have spent more than 200 minutes (10+ periods of hockey) down by a single goal. In that time, they have managed to score a total of three goals, 0.89 goals-per-hour. In the last six games, the Ducks have spent more than 100 minutes down by a goal and scored zero goals.

Meanwhile, the Ducks have spent 92 minutes up by a goal (4 ½+ periods of hockey). In that time, opponents have managed to score a total of seven goals, 4.55 goals-per-hour. Twelve times the Ducks have had a one-goal lead, and five times it has taken the opponent less than six minutes to even up the score.

Not coming back and not holding leads means lots of losing. The Ducks had their seventh regulation loss yesterday, a feat they didn’t accomplish until New Year’s Eve last year, in game 41.

Sigh. Go Ducks.