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Well Look at That...

With all the teeth-gnashing going on among the other BoC fan bases (after last season I kind of feel like an Ethiopian kid watching two Americans complain that their steak isn’t cooked well enough), I thought I would point out the current standings in the Battle of California:

Los Angeles Kings: 6-6, 12 pts.
San Jose Sharks: 5-5-1, 11 pts.
Anaheim Ducks: 4-7-2, 10 pts.

Yes, friends, the Kings are in first place. Do I expect this to last all season? Absolutely.


This was in the New York Post today:

"Dog bites man: Kings players, we're told, are already tired of Marc Crawford. Meanwhile, we've heard that players in L.A. are far more confident in netminder Jason Labarbera than are either Crawford or GM Dean Lombardi."

Hmm, seeing as how the Kings haven't played anyone in New York this year, so I wonder who started this rumor. Whoever it was, here's what I say to you: