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BoC Gameday—Ducks/Kings: Draw the Rivalry

Los Angeles Kings (8-8-0, t-10th in west) at Anaheim Ducks (7-8-3, t-8th in west)

Tonight FSN will be unveiling the winner of its long-advertised "Name the Rivalry" contest. I warned that this contest was doomed to produce stupid results, and here are the four finalists to demonstrate that: Freezeway Series, Freeway Faceoff, Ice-5 Series and Crosstown Showdown. Don't even tell me which one you prefer; instead just put a bullet in my head if I ever refer to the Ducks-Kings rivalry using any of those.

Instead, why not enjoy a few submissions for a contest that doesn't exist? "Draw the Rivalry" (uh, yeah, I got a little cartoon-happy this weekend):

Portrait style:

Popeye style:

Simpsons style:

For a bonus Kings cartoon, you can check out my latest Fanhouse contribution. Vote for your favorite in the comments, or give me a better idea.

Webbed foot kicks its way out of a king's stomach.
Strong kick by Pahlsson.

(Hey, it worked last time.)

Go Ducks.