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Rob Blake's full name is Robert Bowlby Blake.


His middle name is BOWLBY. B.O.W.L.B.Y.

"Hey, nice stop out there Bowlby." "Good ol' Bowlby, how's it going, Bowlby?" "Been bowling lately, Bowlby?" (This is the point where he'd kill me, and my dying words would be, "Damn you... Bowlby...")

This is another reason I couldn't be an NHL GM:

"Hey, this Rob Blake guy seems pretty good, let's take hi- wait, his middle name is Bowlby? What the hell? Screw that nerd, let's take Scott Luik instead."

Bowlby. I can't say it without laughing. Imagine if that was his first name. His name would be Bowlby Blake.

Hehe. Bowlby.

(This is how I choose to deal with my anger when my team gets shut out 2 games in a row.)