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Drinky Linky Friday

It's Friday morning, and I'm on vacation (hung over) in pretty little South Bend, Indiana. So what is possessing me to post this lazy morning? I gotta link to two posts that impressed the hell out of me--lofty topics and dedicated research aren't things I tackle very much.

Andy Grabia at Battle of Alberta put in a lot of legwork and has put together a great post looking at the mainstream media blogs throughout the major cities of Canada. It's a fascinating take on what is being done well and maybe not so well in the MSM's attempt to latch onto blogfever, and what separates them from the non-MSM efforts.

Meanwhile, Christy Finn at Girl With a Puck has also put a lot of effort into her post on the role of hockey blogs in today's modern coverage. It's been a big undertaking--collecting reactions from independent bloggers, MSM members, and team representatives (including Brian Burke and Ted Leonsis -- wow!) on what credibility and relevance blogs bring into hockey coverage today.

Very impressive posts, both of them. If you're interested in the subject matter and have some time to kill, I recommend them both. If, on the other hand, you are interested in a powerful headache and a nice case of zombie's breath, I recommend a heavy dosage of Jack Daniels.

I can only speak for my own perspective here, but I hope none of you readers mistake me for a journalist; this is pretty much a fan's perspective blog. I've never really shown any interest in things like media credentials, or player or team access, or breaking news or rumors, or even reporting under my god-given name. As I've said before, "I know what side of the glass I sit on," and I'm not entirely sure that I have much more in terms of aspirations for this blog--I'm very happy with what we do and don't provide.

Anyway, anyone clear-headed enough to throw some thoughts on the subject? What is the role of blogs in hockey coverage today? What distinguishes a good blog from a bad one, or sites you read from sites you ignore? Where do you see this internet heading, two or five years down the road?

p.s. Per Kukla, crazy Russian Ilya Bryzgalov has been put on waivers, in an effort to find him a team that will play him more. Between this and Maxim Kondratiev fleeing to Russia, that means that Sammy Pahlsson is the only non-North-American-born Duck. Hooray for racism!