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If a Game is not on TV, Did It Really Happen

Due to Warriors and College Football, tonight's game was not on TV here in the Bay Area. So fans were left to listening to the radio or following the game on the internet. As he likes to do after losses, Ron Wilson decided to shake up the lineup. Healthy scratches included Ehrhoff and Rissmiller with Goc and Semenov taking their places. It looked like it worked for this night as the Sharks came back from their disappointing loss on Friday to win 3-1. This lineup juggling could be a continuing trend unless the Sharks get on an extended winning streak. Call it superstition or just looking for the right combination. It seems Ron Wilson is trying anything he can to get Cheechoo back on track. Cheech was put on the 4th line for the last few games but tonight had 1 goal and 1 assist.

Once again the Sharks are looking at a 3 day break. They are in a stretch of 16 days where they will play only 6 games. Yes it gives Nabby a chance to start every game, but this might explain the inconsistency of play.

It was reported on the telecast last night that Clowe was scheduled for knee surgery and would be out 4 months. Later in the game they updated the situation and said he was still being examined. Are the Sharks trying to hide the real extent of the injury? Either way it will be a big loss but the depth of the team will help as it will give a chance for youngsters Setoguchi and Kaspar to get regular time. If they fail, there are still Brown, Goc and Rissmiller.

Dallas comes to the tank on Wednesday.