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Kings celebrate Thanksgiving early with roast Turco

Remember back to opening day after the lockout, October 5, 2005. The Kings build a first period 4-0 lead in Dallas, only to see the Stars score 5 consecutive goals to win in regulation.

My how times have changed. Cut to November 10, 2007. The Stars build a 4-0 late in the third period in Los Angeles. The Kings score 5 consecutive goals in a franchise record 5:07 to pull ahead, still allowing time for Modano to tie the game before Kopitar ends it 2:34 into overtime.

Here's the best part. With 7:15 left in the 3rd period and the score at 4-0, Marty Turco made his 28th straight save of the night. Incredibly, he didn't make another save the rest of the night; the next six Kings shots on goal went in.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (breath) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!