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Of All the Games to Miss...

...I miss this one. Argh. I did this last year too, when I missed the Dodgers' 4 home run game against San Diego because I watched the series premiere of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. (Thanks a lot, Sorkin.) Earl did a quality job recapping the game already (read that here), although I'm a little concerned about his fetish for taking secret pictures of men's asses.

Was the game as amazing as it seems in my head?

The Kings have a dynamic offense, porous defense, and average goaltending; I'm not a chef or anything, but those seem to be all the ingredients for a heart-attack team. So far this year, I'd say they've played 4 games that could be classified as "ridiculous." (STL, BOS, CGY, and now DAL) A part of me likes watching this team because they're exciting as hell, but another part of me wishes they were a little more boring. You know, a 3-1 game every once in a while, that's all I ask.

Oh, and the legend of Anze Kopitar continues to grow.