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Scott skates! Sleek makes a cartoon!

Unfortunately, you're going to have to go over to the Fanhouse to see it. I would have put it here, but I think your mouse-clicking finger is looking a little out-of-shape. Time to give it a good ol' one-click workout.

Just so this isn't just a useless "look at that!" post, though, I will point out that I will be in Row B attendance for tomorrow's BoC battle--Sharks at Ducks. I plan on being very boozed up so that I can properly remind a certain Shark player of his very nice near-accomplishment:

It should be a lot of fun, whether or not history gets made. Let's hope that I don't get Robitailled.

[AFTERNOON EDIT: Below is a cartoon that will not be making its way to the Fanhouse. It's not that it's not allowed, but really, there's no good story to write alongside it. Besides, the cartoon requires two things: (a) a fairly strong understanding of NHL goaltending styles, and (b) a fairly strong tolerance for puns. It's designed for a narrow audience--cool yet corny. Enjoy!]