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Thoughts From Tonight's Game

-J.S. Aubin is terrible. I don't care how good his stats ever look, I can't stand to watch the guy play. It's like his hamstrings are made of wood or something. And his rebound control, my God, his rebound control.

-J.S. Giguere also has trouble with his rebounds. Was it just tonight, or his he always like that? I think it may be a function of being a position goaltender, where if you get caught off guard you don't know how to deflect the puck properly. Or maybe it's just if your name is Jean-Sebastian.

-Ryan Getzlaf is really good. I can't tell you how depressing that is.

-Why does Andy Macdonald spin all the time? Either it's his favorite move, or one of his legs is longer than the other.

-Dustin Brown's goal was either the most amazing or luckiest goal I've seen in a while. I'm not sure which.

-The Ducks (and Brian Hayward) really hate John Zeiler for some reason, and I have no idea why. I asked my roommate, a fairly passionate Ducks fan, why this was the case, and he replied, "Who's John Zeiler?"

-Overall, this game wasn't that big a deal. The Kings and the Ducks played it fairly evenly, the Ducks were just better at getting the bounces in front of the net. If the Kings don't beat the Coyotes on Saturday, then I'll be worried. What did you guys think?