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What are you thankful for?

Just thought I'd get a bit into the Thanksgiving spirit and reflect on one of the main things this Ducks fan is particularly grateful for on this holiday. Feel free to leave your own thanks in the comments, hockey-related or not.
  • Thank you, Ottawa Senators:
    Outside of the cup finals, the Sens have had quite a calendar year 2007. They ended their 06-07 regular season by winning 40 of 62 games after January 1st, won 12 of 15 games in the first three rounds of the playoffs, won all seven of their preseason games, and now have won 16 of 20 games to start this season. All told, that comes to 75 wins in 104 games (72%), with an impressive goal differential of 296 - 190, better than a goal difference per game.

    Suffice to say that there are a lot of stretches over 2007 where the Senators would have killed last year's Ducks in a seven-game series; fortunately May 28 - June 6 wasn't one of them. Outside of the Ducks (who did it twice in five games), the Sens haven't suffered consecutive regulation losses this entire calendar year.
Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!