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Kings Gameday: All-Star Voting

The last game was awesome. I'm starting to think that the Kings should move to the East. Seriously, with their offense and shaky defense, they'd fit right in. Anyway, I'm still busy so I'm going give you guys the opportunity to discuss who you're voting for in the All-Star game. I usually vote for guys in the Pacific because the Central tends to dominate these things, and in the East I try to pick a line that I want to see. Anyway, here's mine:

Western Conference

Anze Kopitar: He's 7th in points in the West, so I don't think I'm being a homer by picking him.

Joe Thornton: He's on pace to score 107 points this year and is actually scoring goals. Who's the asshole who told him he's allowed to shoot?

Ryan Getzlaf: He has the same number of points as Kopitar, plus I want to see them play together again after they destroyed last year during the Young Stars Game.

Sergei Zubov: He deserves it just because he's awesome and nobody seems to care.
Chris Pronger: Just kidding, I'd rather pass a hammer through my small intestine than vote for Pronger on anything. I actually voted for Lubomir Visnovsky. I know he doesn't deserve it and I apologize for being completely biased, but I don't care; I love the little guy. If your kid was in the NHL, would you vote for him? I thought so.

Pascal Leclaire: I was tempted to write in Johnathan Quick, but cooler heads prevailed. Leclaire looks ridiculous but the guy is insanely awesome.

Eastern Conference

Ilya Kovalchuk:
I already wrote about him, but he's seriously one of the better players you're ever going to see.

Vinny Lecavelier: This isn't so much a vote for his play, but for the fact that he donated $3 million to sick kids with cancer,and I'm all for giving kids cancer... wait, he wants to stop it? Dammit, I already submitted my ballot!

Alexander Ovechkin: I want to see Kovalchuk play with Ovechkin. I'm not sure it would work, but I sure as hell want to find out.

Zdeno Chara: Sure, why not.

Jay Bouwmeester: I just want to see the kid play, and I figure this is the only way I'm going to get to see him.
Tim Thomas: The fact that I had to write in the league leader in save percentage is dumb.

Prediction: The Kings are 3-1 when I predict they will lose. It would be easy for me to pick them to lose now, so that's what I'm going to do. Kings lose, 4-1. Goal by Johnathan Quick. Hey, he's quick.