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Marleau Should Be Mentioned In Trade Rumors All The Time

Yes it is only one game but it looks like something has lit a fire under captain Marleau. If you missed it, internet buzz picked up a possible Sharks/Canadians trade involving Marleau, Bernier, and Pavelski from the Sharks and Koivu, Ryder and others from the Canadians. What made these rumors interesting was that they were attributed to well known hockey insider Bob Mckenzie. Mckenzie even had to come out and refute his involvement in these rumors. Even the newspaper in San Jose had an article on these rumors. Whatever the cause, Marleau really came to play tonight. I made a point of watching him tonight and he did something I yell at him to do nightly....skate. Marleau is at his best when he uses his speed offensively and defensively. Just hope he continues this style of play.

On the other hand, what the hell is wrong with Kyle McLaren? Yes I realize his grandmother just passed away, but he just has not looked like himself this year. I don't remember one time where he has used his trademark hip check this year. Tonight he coughed up the puck at least 4 times that I remembered. Even Ron Wilson made him a healthy scratch for the first time in his Sharks career last week. McLaren needs to be the physical presence that the Sharks are lacking on the backend. Shoot, maybe I should start a rumor about McLaren being shopped to the Penguins to wake him up. McLaren for Ryan Malone...kidding