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New NHL Rule: Ducks Allowed to Have 6 Skaters

Or it just seems that way. The Ducks dominated the Sharks tonight. They seemed to be toying with the Sharks dominating the play the entire night. I am sure glad that two hour meeting worked. I look for changes after the holiday freeze is over on the 28th. Observations from tonight's game:

-The Ducks do a good job of interfering with the forechecker on dump-ins. Not enough to get call for a penalty but just enough to give time to the D to move the puck out. Smart move on their part.

-George Parros went to Yale???

-Corey Perry is a pest. And that is a compliment. Every team needs an agitator like him, and unlike other players like him, Perry can actually play and play well. The Sharks could use a player like him. We have not had anyone like that since Ville Nieminen. We need someone to create a skirmish, currently we only have players who react to hits, not give them. We need someone like Adam Foote. Sure he is overpaid and probably near the end of his career, but he is as Barry Melrose likes to say "hard to play against." If not Foote, someone like him.

-It is not good when your most physical and vocal player is 37 year old Jeremy Roenick. That tells you something when Roenick is probably the 2nd best offensive player right now. Where is the secondary scoring?

-Who goes first? Marleau or Ron Wilson? Doug Wilson has some interesting decisions to make in the next few weeks.