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Will Patzold Ever Start a Game?

Tonight looked like the perfect chance for Rwilson to start Patzold with a home game tomorrow night versus Buffalo. But once again, the Sharks dominated the Coyotes (even though the score was only 1-0). No local television but the Sharks radio announcers mentioned several times how boring this game was. 4 games versus the Yotes and 4 wins. The Coyotes scored the 1st goal of the series only to see the Sharks score the next 16 with 3 straight shutouts for Nabby. Enough about the game, what is there to say about a 1-0 game.

Random thoughts:

-Mark Recchi was put on re-entry waivers by Pittsburgh. Any team that claims him only owes him 1/2 of his 1.75 million salary. Worth the risk?

-I was gonna write asking who is playing better right now than Joe Thornton?....then Zetterberg goes and gets a hat trick. Who would you rather have right now?