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61 pts But Still Underachieving?

Can you call a team that has the 3rd most points in the league underachieving? After demoralizing losses at home to Dallas and Detroit, the Sharks ended the pre-Allstar break with 2 victories. Granted, the 2 wins were against Chicago and St.Louis, but that just tells the story of the season. Beat up on the lesser teams (good) and lose to the elite teams. (bad) Fans can complain all they want about what trades we need to make, what is wrong with Marleau, and should Ron Wilson be fired but look at the standings and there you see San Jose at the top of the West standings. You can still see signs of inconsistency but the Sharks must prove they can beat the elite in the league. If you watch Dallas, Detroit and Anaheim play the Sharks, all you see is domination and the Sharks not playing up to that level. By watching these games , one wonders how any of these teams ever loses a game. (In Detroit's case it seems to be true). With one month to go till the trade deadline, the playoff push starts next week.