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Ducks win; Links are on me!

First off, a hearty congratulations goes out to the BoC All-Stars, all named today (I guess Californians were saving their votes for the presidential primaries): From the Sharks, C Joe Thornton and G Evgeni Nabokov. From the Ducks, C Ryan Getzlaf and D Chris Pronger. And from the Kings, everyone's favorite raccoon C Anze Kopitar. Pretty much all of these were fairly expected selections, but congrats nonetheless.

Secondly, Ducks fans can check out Finny @ GWAP's rundown of the annual State of the Franchise address, which has become quite the event since it incorporated Brian Burke's big mouth. He had a quote that I won't disagree with, but I'm still surprised the guy had the guts to say it publicly: "Getzlaf is better than either Perry or Penner, and maybe better than them combined -- and I'd say the same thing if Perry or Penner were standing here now." I usually tend to agree with Burkie, and this is no exception, but I wonder if this will get brought up during next summer's extension talk with Corey Perry.

And just for kicks, here's a link to today's PuckToon from AOL Fanhouse. Enjoy!


As an aside, I found out yesterday that I will be in attendance this Sunday for the Sharks @ Ducks contest, up in the 300s wheelchair row again with my kid brother. More on that to come later!