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It's Like a Simile, or Something

The Kings opened up the game last night by giving up 2 goals. That makes sense.

They then rallied and outplayed the Flames for a period and a half, yet still trailed 3-1. That’s not surprising.

Dustin Brown played wonderful, continuing his excellent play of late; then he got hurt. That’s perfect.

The Kings then took the lead, aided by their excellent power play and the wondrous creative skills of Alex Frolov. That’s awesome.

Frolov then immediately took a penalty and the Flames scored. That sucks.

Then, when the game was on the line and no mistake could be afforded, Brian Willsie took a penalty. That’s just classic.*

Then, the Kings’ penalty kill was terrible and the Flames took the lead. That’s boilerplate.

Then, the Kings lost. That’s typical.

So, the Kings trailed early, outplayed a playoff-caliber team for at least a period, clawed their way back to take the lead, and then immediately gave up the lead and ultimately lost the game. Yep, that pretty much covers this season.

*I got a text message right after he took that penalty from my brother, who wrote, "Brian Willsie is the worst person in the entire world." Yep, pretty much. Also, since this is italicized and nobody reads this, may I just say that Jeff Giuliano looks like a birth defect. It's okay, you can agree with me. Just italicize your nod.