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The Kings Listen to Me...

...or, I guess, Helene Elliot: Ted Purcell and Peter Harrold have been called up. Cammalleri was retroactively placed on the IR.

Also, this made me laugh (courtesy of Inside the Kings):

"Brian Willsie woke up Sunday morning with a sore lower back. He wasn't in discomfort during the Dallas game and can't point to any specific play where he got hurt. He just woke up with the injury."

(Scene: Willsie shows up to practice, ready to work on his game.)

Crawford: Sorry, Brian, you can't practice today; you're hurt.

Willsie: What? No I'm not.

Crawford: Yeah, you hurt your back last night while you were sleeping. You can' t play.

Willsie: No, really, my back feels fine.

(Suddenly, Todd Bertuzzi appears behind Willsie and hits him in the back with a baseball bat. Willsie falls to the floor and clutches his back)

Willsie: Ahh, what the fuck!

Crawford (calmly): See, you're hurt. Now get your stuff out of your locker, Purcell needs to use it.